Post graduate studies in retail

One of the key functions of the Retail Leadership Chair is to develope a corps of highly qualified retail professionals. As a result the Chair is instrumental in the development of a capacity building programme which will benefit masters and doctoral students all over South Africa. The chair has set the following objectives in this regard:

  • To create an enabling environment for post graduate studies by:
    • the adoption of efficient research management systems
    • the implementation of peer review processes
    • the establishment of research collaborations and partnerships
    • the facilitation, support and co-ordination of post graduate students
    • capacity building amongst staff members through training in research supervision
    • the appointment of qualified research staff.
    • Facilitating international staff and student exchange
  • Creating a cost effective and efficient supporting infrastructure
  • Assisting the Seta with the allocation of bursaries on a national basis
  • Selecting good students to get involved in research programmes.