The Wholesale and Retail Leadership Chair at CPUT was established as a result of the W&R SETA’s initiative to contribute towards Research and Qualifications development at higher levels(NQF levels5-10.

The establishment of the Leadership Chair is intended to contribute substantially to the development of professionalism in the industry. Inherent in the research initiative is the development of distinguished scholarship and reputable research and innovation, as well as the promotion of internationally competitive research. This commitment to research is aligned with the national imperative to encourage more postgraduate studies, to increase the production of traditional research outputs (as defined by research articles, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings)and to expand the pool of researchers that can contribute to knowledge production and generation in our society.


To be a wholesale and retail research and academic centre of international standing.
The broader and longer term vision is that this Wholesale and Retail Leadership Centre assumes a flagship role as an integral part of a dynamic and professional organizarion at a location with facilities that support a world class professional image.
This Leadership Chair will, in collaboration with the Retail department at CPUT, offer professional and general academic Masters and Doctoral qualifications that focus on applied research in all the related business disciplines and with a research centre that focuses on the applied research needs of the Retail sector.


To produce world class applied research as well as higher level graduates equipped with knowledge and skills relevant to the wholesale and retail sector.


The Retail Leadership Chair strives to produce excellent research with the main focus on applied and contract research relevant to the retail sector. The Chair will endeavour to develop quality assurance mechanisms for research, both qualitative and quantitative. External peer reviews will form an integral part of quality assessment The Chair will provide for continued high-level, effective and efficient support for research by developing a framework for governance of research and research development .It will ensure effective communication (internally and externally) and establish rational, transparent and collective decision-making processes around the allocation of research funds and other kinds of support for research.The Chair will develop a definite research focus which will be finalised after a scoping procedure. Early indications are that the focus will include informal trading, BRICS and African retailing.