The Chair basically generates industry relevant information through research. Such information is disseminated through publications and seminars. The chair also facilitates, promotes and supports higher level studies at master and doctoral levels with the main objective of developing professionally qualified retail managers. The Chair assists the W&R Seta on a national basis with the screening of candidates applying for bursaries.

Contract Research

The Retail leadership centre awards research contracts to established researchers from all over the world. Interested parties are invited to contact the centre and submit names and CV’s


The Leadership centre regularly offfers workhops. The 2013 programme included:

  • A workshop on Pivotal grants.
  • A workshop focusing on supervisory skills development
  • A workshop on research priorities


The leadership Centre held a seminar focusing on Research needs of Industry.


A national retail conference is planned for 2014 and and an international one for 2015. Details will be made available on the website.

Leadership programmes

As the only Retail The Leadership Centre on the continent, the Cape Town-based organization has a leading role to play in support of the retail industry. This role is manyfold; ranging from research support to the dissemination of industry relevant information and training of higher level practitioners.

Support to Post graduate students

Programmes focusing on post grad student support during 2013 focused on

  • Thesis writing skills
  • Development of a national post grad bursary scheme in collaboration with the W&R Seta
  • Thesis requirements for bursary holders

Support to Retail research supervisors

A training session for research supervisors was held during 2013

International exchange programmes for students

An international student exchange programme was developed with the Duale Hochshule Baden- Wurttemberg, Ravensburg, Germany. Three CPUT students and three German students participated in the exchange programme.

International exchange programme for lecturers

An international staff exchange programme was developed between CPUT and the Duale Hochshule Baden-Wurttemberg, Ravensburg, Germany.